Hanks Design Group creates facilities that inspire ideas, passion and productivity. 
We value constructive conversations about client and customer usability. After all, the space around us where we create, work, and live are integral to our output. 


active listening
yields smooth process

We pride ourselves on offering personal attention and individualized solutions. Our team has been doing so professionally since 1998. Whether you have an established relationship or are looking for a recommendation, we work with architects and builders to achieve a holistic approach. Should your needs include permit drawings, HDG can tackle this for you making the building process less stressful.



Partnerships with our clients work through a process of questions, ideas, conversations and experiencing spaces. The aim is always that the solutions develop and manifest beyond their expectations. 


come first

Throughout each process we learn a little more about how they do business and the experiences they want to provide for their own customers.

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The proof is in our portfolio. For over a decade we’ve collaborated successfully with business owners, office managers, developers, investors, architects, other designers. 



Commercial projects include corporate and small business offices, medical, retail, churches, restaurants, financial.  Introducing Hanks Design Group early into the planning process allows for a more synergistic process from start to finish. 

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